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Background: I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, but I grew up in Washington, DC, where I attended Georgetown Day School and earned an English degree from the University of Maryland - College Park. 

Tutoring style: I try to make sure each of my students feels a strong sense of agency in the process - it’s important to me that a student leave her tutoring experience not only with a better understanding of the test, but also of her learning style. I also aim to be very honest with students about their score goals, progress, and challenges, while maintaining a strong emphasis on their unique strengths. Lastly, I try to incorporate some humor into the process, mostly through the use of extremely nerdy math puns. 

What I love about tutoring: So many things. To name a few: the moment when a student finally understands a fact or concept he had previously only memorized; the day a student catches himself making a mistake and corrects it before I have a chance to say anything; hearing from a former student who has been admitted to his first choice school. 


Background: I spent my youth in a great school district in the suburbs of Dallas, TX. I’ve been in the DC area since 2009, and I graduated with a degree in political science from American University.

High school extracurricular activities: In high school, my primary extracurricular activity was theater, although I also made time for Model UN and the French club. I never got to ride horseback during the school year, so I have to admit I’m a little jealous of my students who do.

What I love about tutoring: I love tutoring because it gives me the perfect excuse to keep studying new subjects. I also enjoy helping teenagers discover that math isn’t so bad after all! I firmly believe that test-taking is a skill that, like any other skill, can be learned.  


Background: A proud DC native, I grew up in Alexandria and went to St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes School. I attended Georgetown University and Swarthmore College, the latter of which I graduated from in 2010 with a major in political science and minor in history. I've been a tutor since 2011. 

High school extracurricular activities: In high school, I ran track, edited the school newspaper, did model UN, and most importantly, acted in plays and musicals.

What I love about tutoring: My favorite thing about tutoring is reducing students’ anxiety about tests and school.

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Background: I grew up in Silver Spring and went to James Hubert Blake High School, class of '03, after which I graduated from Northwestern University with a BA in Chemistry in 2007. I started tutoring for Wheelhouse in 2018.

High school extracurricular activities: In high school, I ran track and cross country, played guitar in jazz band, and was a writer and page designer for the school newspaper.

What I love about tutoring: My favorite aspect of tutoring is meeting new students and learning how to best tailor my approach to their needs. Every student is different, and private tutoring really highlights this fact. I also enjoy keeping things in perspective for students by reminding them that there is life beyond high school (and college).

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