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The jump from high school to college life can be jarring and disorienting for students. Perhaps for the first time, students find themselves without daily check-ins from parents or teachers. College provides students with less structure and fewer rules than does high school; expectations are unclear and academic support may be less personalized. Add to this the pressure to appear independent and in control, and students often find themselves feeling lost in a sea of new experiences, with little idea of whom or how to ask for help.



Our college transition support program is designed to smooth the shift from high school to college life, helping students to develop the skills they need to be successful during and beyond freshman year. Through a series of face-to-face and online sessions (conducted via Zoom or FaceTime), we work with students to develop organizational systems that fit their strengths and needs. By scheduling regular follow-up appointments, we aim to assist students in identifying and adjusting practices that aren’t serving them effectively. Additionally, we provide a judgment-free environment where students can discuss and seek help with their academic and organizational struggles before they start to feel overwhelmed.



Our program is designed to provide external accountability to encourage students to complete non-required but helpful tasks. In addition to providing scheduled time for students to reflect on their own habits and progress, we work with students to build on-campus support networks by encouraging them to take advantage of professors’ office hours and university academic resources. Through a series of “power hours,” strategically distributed throughout the semester, we help students to launch larger projects by breaking them into manageable action items. By the end of first semester, we aim to equip students with the habits and skills they’ll need to ensure a successful college experience.


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